Product Packaging (1kg Gift Box, 2kg Box and 5kg box)

Cherry Lane Fields

Design of general and Christmas themed product packaging as per client brief.  Boxes include opaque background images and matching images as per other client products.  The boxes also include all contact and product related information.

dark wood. black Rustic wooden table background top view
Cherry Lane Fields
Website Creation

Cherry Lane Fields

This webpage was created for Cherry Lane Fields.  The largest cherry producer in Western Australia.  The website features a multiple page layout and the home screen design includes a slideshow complete with professional images and logos.  Logo was also designed by Platinum Assistant Services.

View the full page here:
Cherry Lane Fields

Banner Design - Large (760 x 2440mm)

Cherry Lane Fields

Design of a large vinyl weather proof and fade resistant banner for display at markets and annual Cherry Harmony Festival stall.  The banner features a full opaque cherry blossom background with bunches of cherries on top and all relevant text as per client brief.

Cherry Lane Fields Banner
Platinum Business Cards
Business Card Design

Platinum Assistant Services

Design of logo and double sided business cards for Platinum Assistant Services.  Front of business card features a 'drop gloss' finish on both the image and text to give a glossy shine when viewed at different angles.