Terms & Conditions

Pre-paid packages require upfront payment before any work is commenced. Invoices must be paid within 7 days of receipt otherwise late fees will apply. Payment is by Direct Deposit or PayPal.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Additional Costs
Any additional costs may include postage, express post, couriers, stationary and printing costs.  Approval for any expenses will be sought from the client beforehand and itemised on their invoice.

After accepting the quote you agree to pay the full price as quoted. If the client cancels after accepting the quote Platinum Assistant Services reserves the right to invoice the full price quoted. To cancel the services of Platinum Assistant Services, you must advise in writing, 14 days prior to the cancellation date, otherwise we reserve the right to invoice for 14 days of work as a cancellation fee.

Due to copyright legislation, Platinum Assistant Services will only use images that we have purchased or obtained as free for use in the public domain. Quality images are sourced through Adobe Stock or Shutterstock and will be charged to the client at $10 per image. If you cannot verify the source of any images supplied to Platinum Assistant Services, we reserve the right to refuse to use them in any work completed by us.

Platinum Assistant Services reserves the right to use any work created by us in our portfolio as examples of our work to demonstrate our skills to prospective clients.

All raw design files are owned by Platinum Assistant Services, the client will receive the final pdf or image for their use.

Retainer Agreement
Platinum Assistant Services will retain the agreed number of hours purchased for your business. It is up to the client to provide sufficient work to fulfill this retainer. Any unused hours will be forfeited.

If the amount of work required exceeds the number of hours allocated, Platinum Assistant Services will inform the client and the client can decide whether to pay for additional hours or purchase another package.

If purchasing an administration package, Platinum Assistant Services will notify you on the 15th of the month to advise you of how many hours are remaining.

Subcontracting Work
Platinum Assistant Services reserves the right to subcontract work out to meet the needs of their clients.

Large print jobs, binding and physical creation of stationary and banners etc, are done through the services of an external company and we can supply you with a quote for these services prior to the job commencing.

Usual Work Hours
Platinum Assistant Services is available Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 3.00pm. However, we may choose to work outside of these hours. If your project requires work on weekends, this will attract a 20% surcharge.

Urgent Work
Urgent work is classified as anything that is required with less than 48 hours notice and outside of usual working hours. This work will attract a 20% surcharge.


*We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions as needed. This will be communicated with clients via email.