Platinum Assistant Services are here to support your business when and if you need it. Our services include a wide range of general administration and transcription services.

Need business support but don't want to hire an employee?

Platinum Assistant Services can help by handling all of your general day to day tasks, that take up most of your time.

Need to free up some valuable time, to focus more on the important aspects of your business?
Who do we help?

We work with individuals, small to medium businesses, consultants, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organisations - anyone who needs our help!
We will work closely with you to provide the best possible support suited to your business needs.


General Administrative Services

Do you have a lot of general administration tasks that take up your valuable time?  These can all be delegated to your Virtual Assistant.

Audio Transcription Services

Do you digitally dictate correspondence, reports and other documents?  Your Virtual Assistant can quickly and accurately transcribe these for you.